Swarovski Crystal Beads

JillyBeads is an Approved Supplier of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. View our certificate here!

  1. Swarovski Xilions

    Swarovski Xilions

  2. Swarovski Faceted Rounds and Briolettes

    Swarovski Faceted Rounds and Briolettes

  3. Swarovski Crystal Pearls

    Swarovski Crystal Pearls

  4. Swarovski Pendants

    Swarovski Pendants

  5. Swarovski Hearts

    Swarovski Hearts

  6. Swarovski Cubes & Dice

    Swarovski Cubes & Dice

  7. Swarovski Other Beads

    Swarovski Other Beads

  8. Swarovski Stones

    Swarovski Stones

  9. Swarovski Ceramic

    Swarovski Ceramic

  10. Swarovski BeCharmed Beads

    Swarovski BeCharmed Beads

  11. Swarovski Flatbacks

    Swarovski Flatbacks

  12. Swarovski Blends

    Swarovski Blends

  13. Swarovski Specials

    Swarovski Specials

  14. Swarovski Innovations Launch

    Swarovski Innovations Launch

  15. Bails & Pendant Mounts

    Bails & Pendant Mounts

  16. Colour Chart

    Colour Chart

  17. Swarovski Design Projects

    Swarovski Design Projects

  18. Swarovski Factory Pack Price Lists

    Swarovski Factory Pack Price Lists

  19. Swarovski Factory Packs

    Swarovski Factory Packs

  20. Swarovski Approved Supplier Certificate

    Swarovski Approved Supplier Certificate

  21. Swarovski Statement Earring Competition

    Swarovski Statement Earring Competition

Swarovski Crystals, Beads & Charms from one of the UK's Largest Approved Swarovski Suppliers

Looking for genuine Swarovski crystal beads, Swarovski charms or indeed anything else in Swarovski crystals? Jillybeads.co.uk is one of only a handful of APPROVED SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal suppliers in the UK, meaning you know every time you buy from JillyBeads you're getting the real thing from a business you can trust at prices you can afford. Click here to view our cetificate of authenticity from Swarovski. We also are able to provide a supporting letter of confirmation from Swarovski on request if needed.

We've been working with Swarovski for over 10 years to help develop our range of genuine Swarovski crystal beads to help you make your bead jewellery stand out from the crowd. Our collection of Swarovski crystals includes everything from Swarovski Xilions (the unique and beautiful redesign of the beloved bicone beads) and Swarovski Pendants to Crystal Hearts and charms. We also stock Swarovski Crystals Rounds, Buttons, and Swarovski Crystal Pearl beads meaning you have everything at your finger tips to create amazing Swarovski crystal bead jewellery, including the Swarovski concept ceramic beads and pendants.

If you don't find what you need in our online catalogue to create amazing Swarovski crystal bead jewellery we can supply you with a factory pack of any genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS product in around 7 to 10 days at very competitive prices so just give us a call.

We know how eager our customers are to start creating so we aim to dispatch all our orders within 24-48 hours via Royal Mail First Class Post. Most importantly, in the unlikely event you're not happy with your Swarovski crystals, or any other products, then neither are we. So get in touch and we'll aim to resolve any matters immediately to your complete satisfaction

JillyBeads, One of the UK's largest APPROVED Swarovski crystal bead suppliers.