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How to Make...Majestic Chandelier Earrings

These bright and glistening statement earrings are reminiscent of summer seas. The new for S/S 2019 crystal colour from Swarovski, Majestic Blue perfectly sets off the antique silver chandelier.
You can buy the kit from JillyBeads, or you could choose your own metal finish and crystal colours - there are plenty to choose from.
They'd look great for beach or bar and would be the perfect accesory for Proms or summer balls, so make waves - go majestic!

You will need:-

1 pr fishhook ear wires
4 x eyepins: 1”
2 x eye pin: 2"
8 x jump rings: 5mm
2 x jump rings: 4mm
2 x dakhla disc: connectors
8 x silver spacer: petal rondel
12 x silvery spacer: round 2.5mm
8 x pendant drop 11mm: sapphire
2 x xilions: 6mm: majestic blue
12 x xilions: 4mm: majestic blue

.....or buy the JillyBeads Majestic Chandelier Earrings Kit for just £7.25

and tools: flat or chain nosed, round nosed and side cutter pliers.

How to Make Majestic Chandelier Earrings:-

1.  Open the 5mm jump rings and insert one into each peandant drop, hook one into each eye pin loop then reclose the rings.




2.  Onto one of the long eye pins, thread a 2.5mm round, a 4mm xilion, a petal rondel, a 6mm xilion, a petal rondel, a 4mm xilion and a 2.5 round. Bend the pin over by 90 degrees using flat/chain nosed pliers. Trim the pin to around 7mm. Grip the tip of the pin with round nosed pliers and roll a loop, but before fully closing it, slip it into the central small loop of the three on the bottom of the dakhla disc.

3.  Onto the short eye pins thread a 2.5mm round, a 4mm xilion, a petal rondel, a 4mm xilion and a 2.5mm round. Roll a loop as before and hang one of these dangles from each of the remaining loops on the bottom edge of both the dakhla discs.
4.  Slightly open the small jump rings. Hook one into the small loop at the top of each dakhla disc so that it hangs downwardand lies from to back as in the photo, and reclose it.
5.  Hang one pendant drop by its 5 mm jump ring from each small jump ring, so that they fall within the inner cutout circle of the piece, then reclose the 5mm jump rings.

6.  Open the loop of each ear wire slightly  and hook it through the small loop at the top of each dakhla disc, ensuring the earring will hang facing forward, then reclose the ear wire loops.



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