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How to Make... Pretty Little Urchin Brooch

Brooches are having renaissance at the moment and we've created this simple, pretty one that is really eye catching. Stunning Swarovski Crystal round stones are the main feature, with the soft golden tone of the settings complimenting the subtle shades and sparkle of the crystals perfectly.

Whilst this makes a lovely brooch, it would work equally as well as a hairslide, which are also a top trend right now. Add a two or three more Sea Urchins and fix onto a barrette style hair slide, to anchor and embellish your updo for a summer ball, prom or wedding....

You can get all the ingredients to make this fab brooch in a Kit from JillyBeads, but you will need glue to hand to attach the brooch bar.

You will need:-

1 x brooch bar 25mm: silver plated
8 x round 2.5mm: gold plated
2 x crimp bead: gold plated
2 x crimp cover 3mm: gold plated
25 cm Beadalon 7 strand: gold colour
2 x Round Stone: Sea Urchin : Crystal Golden Shadow
1 x Round Stone: Sea Urchin: Crystal Blue Shade
3 x Settings for Sea Urchin: gold plated
8 x Round 3mm: Crystal Golden Shadow
10 x round 4mm: Crystal Blue Shade

And tools: Epoxy Resin Glue (Devon 5 Minute), Wire cutters, Crimping pliers, chain nosed pliers

How to Make the Pretty Little Urchin Brooch:-

  1. Sit the stones in the settings and use your fingers to gently closethe claws down onto the stone, being careful not to dislodge the stone from sitting straight as you do it.
  2. Cut your Beadalon into 2 equal lengths. Hold one end of both the wires together and thread a crimp bead onto them. Use crimping pliers to squash the crimp beads so they are nice and small, then trim the short ends of the wire off close to the bead.  Use chain nosed pliers to close the crimp cover around it.
  3. Thread both the wires through one 4mm round then separate the wires and onto each thread a 4mm, a 3mm, a 4mm, a 3mm crystal. Add a 2.5mm round to each one.
  4. Pass one wire through one set of holes on the setting of a Golden Shadow Sea Urchin and the other wire through the other set of holes on the same setting, then add a 2.5mm round to each wire.
  5. Add the Blue Shade Sea Urchin and the remaining Golden Shadow Sea Urchin in the same way, separating them with a 2.5mm round on each wire. Add another 2.5 round to each wire.
  6. Thread beads onto the two separated wires to match the start of the brooch, ending with both wires going through the last 4mm round and a crimp bead.
  7. Pull the wires, adjusting them so they lie evenly with no bare wire showing and the two rows of beads meeting at the central line. Squash the crimp bead with crimping pliers as close to the last bead as possible and trim the excess wire. Use chain nosed pliers to close the remaining crimp cover around the crimp bead.
  8. Lie the brooch face down. Open the brooch bar and rest it onto the back of the brooch to see where to apply the glue to fix it in place – the under rim of the edges of settings where the two outer ones meet the inner one. Remove the brooch bar and mix a small (5p size) amount of epoxy resin glue. Use a cocktail stick or similar to apply a small amount to the settings and then lay the brooch bar onto the glued settings. Dab another spot of glue into the 2 holes on the brooch bar that are sitting on the settings. Leave to completely dry.
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