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How to Make... Tricolour Bracelet

This three stand bracelet is a cinch to make, even beginners could make it in less than an hour - perhaps a project for the school holidays?

The three colours of S-Lon cord are an enticing feature that is enhanced by the subtle sparkle of the seed beads. Get your random head on if you can - the beads are threaded following no pattern!

You will need:-
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Approx. 50 x ToHo Seed Beads 6/0
50 cm each of S-Lon 400 in three colours plus 50cm extra in one of the colours.

and tools: sharp scissors, beading glue or superglue. Bead stopper optional

How to Make the Tricolour Bracelet:-

  1. Take one 50cm length of each of the three colours of S-Lon Cord and ither loosely knot them together or attach a bead stopper approx 10cm from one end.
  2. Start to add beads to the three strands - the weaving of the necklace is a fairly random procedure, sometimes adding one and sometimes adding two beads onto a single strand or onto two strands held together, as you work your way along the cords. Swap the strands about so that each time you thread two strands though beads, they are a different two from the last time. Try not to push the beads too close together; the idea is to see some of the wire and the way it weaves in and out of the beads.
    After adding about 40 beads, check for length - you'll need a space of about 15mm for the knotted fastener, but you don't need to bead right up to where it will be, a gap will look fine.
  3. Form the bracelet into a circle and tie the centre of the fourth piece of cord around the 6 ends of cord using a half reef knot (left over right then through).
  4. Make a row of about four square knots with the additional cord you have just attached, using the 6 strands of the bracelet as the centre strand. Then tie the two ends of the cord you are working with together in a reef knot (left over right then through then right over left and through).  Dab a tiny bit of glue on the knot and allow it to dry before trimming the ends.

Tying a square knot:

Pass the right cord horizontally over the 6cord group, forming a cross in the middle and a loop on the right. Pass the left cord over the right cord, under the cross, then up through the right hand loop. Slide the knot up the original cord to the half reef knot. The two outside cords have now swapped places.
Pass the left cord horizontally over the six cord group, forming a cross and a loop. Pass the right cord over the left cord, under the cross and then up through the left hand loop. Slide the knot up the original cord to the previous knot.

5. Add one bead to each of the six cord ends and tie an overhand knot to keep it on about
6cm from the group of square knots, then about 0.5mm after the knot, trim off the excess.

We hope you give this bracelet a go and we'll sure you'll be tempted to make a few in every colour imaginable!

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