Here at #Jillybeads we love making Christmas decorations, it is simply the best time of year! Today we have for you our gorgeous wicker balls in gold and silver combined with sleek and chic rounds and glittering faceted abacus beads. At the tip we have hung a gold rhinestone embellished tree charm, however a lovely big jingle bell or sophisticated wire work star will look wonderful too. An extravagant organza bow tops it all off!

You will need…
one wicker work gold or silver ball
2 x abacus beads or 8mm firepolished beads, colour of your choice
1 x sleek and chic round or wire ball bead
1 x rhinestone golden Christmas tree, or large Jilly bell(you will need an extra 9mm jump ring to hang the bell), or wire work star

4 x 2″eyepins, colour to suit

2 x 9 or 10mm jump rings colour to suit

length of 2.5cm organza ribbon colour to suit

Gather your ingredients

So, how to make?…

Open one of the jump rings and hook it onto the eye on one of the eyepins. Close.

Attach jump ring to eyepin

Pass the eyepin through the wicker ball as centrally as possible. Turn a loop close to the wicker ball and slip on a the eye of another eyepin and close the loop.

Linking the eyepins

Continue linking in this manner and thread an abacus bead, the sleek and chic and another abacus bead, then turn a wrapped loop, threading your charm or star on the loop before fully wrapping. (If you are hanging a jingle bell you will need to hang it with another jump ring hooked through the eyepin loop.)

Slip on the charm

Fully wrap the loop






Tie the organza ribbon around the top jump ring  then hook the remaining jump ring through the bow to act as a hanging loop.

Finished Dangle with lovey big bow!

If you like our Dangle you can source all the components by clicking on the highlighted hyperlinks. Do share your makes with us on our facebook page.

Bye for now #jillybeaders!