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Fairly Traded Beads

Our Fairly Traded beads are made by a women's co-operative in Ndejje, Unganda. See below for more details....

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Our Fairly Traded beads are made by a women's co-operative in Ndejje, Uganda. They use strips of paper from magazines and other printed matter to hand roll into beads which are then varnished to make them glossy and durable. Because of the raw materials, each bead is unique and the colours vary accordingly.

The co-operative aims to generate a sustainable income by offering its customers an exciting range of top quality, fashionable and ethical beads whilst promoting and sustaining cooperative values, upholding equality and transparency. They encourage community involvement in grass root projects and invest in the local community.
They provide social, learning and training opportunities, to generate employment and create a community hub where individuals and groups can express themselves.

The co-operative currently relies on support from its voluntary managers, and other volunteers.  However, their  goal is to one day have the company entirely cooperative led. To this end, monies accumulated through sales of product will be used to establish training programs for the women in the Ugandan cooperative to become directors, quality controllers, global marketeers, product developers, etc.