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Seed Beads

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Seed Beads

Top quality seed beads from Miyuki, ToHo and Preciosa are essential for great bead weaving. Excellent for using as spacer beads too, you can never have enough to choose from.

If you want seed beads, JillyBeads has a huge range. We have 11/0, 8/0 and 6/0 sizes of ToHo seed beads, made to be as consistently sized with as evenly sized holes as possible. We stock a variety of styles, from plain opaque or transparent colours to fancy finishes such as silver and colour lined seed beads and ones with special lustre or metallic style finishes. Knowing you like great quality beads, we also stock some ranges of Miyuki seed beads, another precison made Japanese brand which is a favourite of many seed bead fanatics. Miyuki Delicas, cubes and seed bead mixes offer you a great choice for many styles of beading. We understand you need a variety of different styles and types of seed bead, so we stock a range of bugle bead mixes too. Seed beads are extremely useful beads in all their forms, being used for everything from bead weaving to embroidery, from clothing and home-wear embellishment to jewellery making, we have seed beads to meet every beading need

. So that you can get beading with your new seed beads fast, we aim to deliver to you within 1 -2 days and because we want you to be 100 % happy with them, so if you are in any way not, get in touch - we aim to resolve any issues to your complete satisfaction as quickly as possible.