This beautiful Dragonfly Charm was launched to celebrate INTERNATIONAL Beading Week!

The kit is ideal for new beaders, but great for anyone who loves dragonflies, experienced or not. Click HERE to get yours now.


Swarovski crystals give the charm some super sparkle, with Crystal Paradise Shine being perfect for that Dragonfly shimmer effect. Whilst a jump ring is used to hang the charm, it would also be great attached to a brooch back or on a greetings card – the choice is yours.

Watch our video on YouTube to see how we make it…

Kit includes:
92 ToHo 11/0 transparent crystal
25 ToHo 11/0 gold lustred olivine
70 cm Artisitic Wire 34g: silver
1 x oval jump ring: silver plated
4 x Swarovski Xilion 4 mm: Crystal Paradise Shine 2X
1 x Swarovski Round 6 mm: Crystal Paradise Shine

Tools you will need:- Side cutter pliers. Chain nosed pliers or tweezers optional, to help pick up and pull the wire from tight spaces.

How to Make our International Beading Week Dragonfly:-

  1. Thread one olivine ToHo onto the wire and let it fall to the middle, making a “V” for it to lie in. Thread on another two olivine onto one end of the wire then pass the other end through the same beads from the opposite direction and pull both the wires so that the beads sit in a triangle. Add two more olivine in the same way, four more times.


  1. Put both ends of wire together and thread on all four Xilions and the Round.


  1. Separate the wires and thread seven olivine ToHos onto one of them. Pass the wire back through all these ToHos except for the last one added,  then pass it through the jump ring (if using) and back through the Round and pull the wire until the antennae is firmly in place. Repeat this step to form the second antennae and to finish attaching the jump ring.


  1. Onto one of the wires, thread 26 clear ToHos then pass the end of the wire UP through the fourth Xilion. Add another 20 clear ToHos and then pass the end DOWN through the remaining Xilions. Weave the wire back through the first couple of rows of olivine ToHos. Repeat this step to form the second set of wings.  Trim the excess wires with the side cutter pliers and tuck in any protruding ends so the finish is smooth.


  1. Manipulate the wings so the two smaller ones sit behind the larger ones and shape them as preferred.