Show your wild side with this natural wood and cotton cord necklace which has a warm and casual appearance. It’s great for everyday wear and rocks the animal print trend that’s still very current.

This beading project will give you plenty of practise at positioning knots.

You will need:

1 Greywood Donut Pendant
12 Wood Bicones Cheetah
44 ToHo Seed beads 6/0 Metallic Iris Brown
2 x 1 m Waxed Cotton Cord 1mm Conker
2 end fasteners 4 x 7mm gun metal
2 split rings gun metal
1 trigger clasp gun metal

The above ingredients are available in a beading kit from Jillybeads for £4.50 HERE

Tools required: large flexible beading needle (this is included in the kit), scissors, flat nosed pliers, a smooth bead reamer, darning needle or similar to help position the knots.


How to make a Get Spotted Necklace:

  1. Putting the two cords together, fold them in half and thread the fold a little way through the hole in the donut. Pass all the ends of the cord through the loop made by the fold and pull evenly so the pendant is knotted to the cord (this is a Lark’s Knot). Separate the two cords into two sets of two.
  2. Tie an overhand knot into one pair of cords, positioning it close to the lark’s knot. Use a needle or similar inserted into the loose knot to pull it into position before fully tightening it.
  3. Thread on a seed bead and tie another overhand knot directly after it.
  4. Position another overhand knot about 2cm further up the pair of cords then using a needle, thread onto the cords a seed bead, a wooden bicone and another seed bead. Tie another overhand knot directly after this bead group. Repeat this step a further five times, then another three times using a bead group of 3 seed beads instead.
  5. Leave a gap of 2cm and lay the cords into the U shape of one of the end fasteners. Hold the cords in place whilst you carefully fold the sides of the U over them using the flat or chain nosed pliers, then make sure they are fully gripped by clamping down on the completely folded end fastener. Trim the excess cord.