Swarovski® Fancy Stone 4933 Square Rings make dramatic and stylish centrepieces that can be hung as pendants from chain or cord or even a beaded rope. Follow these simple steps to put together a modern, chic pendant necklace:

You will need

1 Swarovski 4933 30 mm crystal
1 Swarovski  6431 9mm Princess Cut Pendant 15mm Crystal Silver Night
1 stirrup bail 25mm silver plated
1 4mm Jump ring silver plated
1 oval jump ring silver plated
1 snake chain, length to suit

Tools you will need: chain and flat nosed pliers. *Nylon nosed pliers optional – these allow you to apply pressure to the bail without marking it.

  1. Sligthly open the oval jump ring and slip it into the hole on the Princess Cut pendant, and the 4mm jump ring. Reclose the oval jump ring.
  2. Prize open the stirrup bail wide enough for the Square Ring. Hang the 4mm jump ring onto one of the prongs of the bail and then carefully apply the bail to the Square Ring by pinching it closed with your fingers and thumb,. making sure not to let the jump ring fall off the prong as you do so.
    *You may want to use nylon nose pliers for this if you can’t exert enough finger pressure.
  3. Slip the chain through the loop on the bail and bingo, you’ve finished!