The subtle organic-looking marbling in the Swarovski ceramic stones are contrasted by the shimmering crystals and the use of the mixed metal chain adds textural interest. The rose gold chain means this piece is bound to be a firm favourite and highlighting Swarovski Crystal Pink Coral (a nod to Pantone™ Colour of 2019, Living Coral ) brings it right up to the minute.

You will need to gather all these items below OR you can purchase the kit from JillyBeads containing all the components by clicking on this button:20 x jump rings: 7mm: antique silver
2 x jump rings: 5mm: antique silver
9 x jump ring 5mm: rose gold plated
2 x split rings: antique silver
1 x trigger clasp 10mm: antique silver
10 x headpins: rose gold plated
42 cm extension chain: antique silver
74 cm medium curb chain: rose gold
3 x ceramic cosmic rings: 14mm: marbled ivory
3 x xilions: 6mm: light azore
3 x xilions: 6mm: indicolite AB
3 x crystal pearls: 6mm: crystal pink coral
1 x crystal pearl 3mm: crystal pink coral

The tools you need are:-flat/chain nosed, round-nosed and side cutter pliers

To make the Sea Breeze Necklace:-

  1. Cut 5 cm of extension chain off then cut the remaining piece into two equal length pieces and the medium curb chain into four equal-length pieces. It’s a good idea to count the links on your chain pieces to make sure they are exactly equal.
  2. Wind the last link of one of the extension chain and the last link on two of the medium curb chain onto a split ring. (If you struggle to get the jump through the medium curb chain links, just poke the tip of your round nosed pliers into the link to round it up a little).  Repeat with the remaining chains onto another split ring. Open an antique silver 5mm jump ring and slip it through one end of the short piece of extension chain and one of the split rings then reclose. Open another antique silver 5mm jump ring and slip it through the other split ring and the loop on the clasp then re-close.
  3. Pass all three pieces of chain on one side of the necklace through the centre of three 7mm jump rings.

    Open another 7mm jump ring and slip it though the other end link of extension chain and one of the medium curb lengths on one side of the necklace, then slip it into one of the cosmic rings and re-close. Open another 7mm jump and slip it through the same last link of extension chain and the last link of the remaining medium curb chain on that side of the necklace, then through the same cosmic ring and re-close. Repeat with the other side of the necklace, and another cosmic ring.
  4. Attach two 7mm jump rings to one of the cosmic rings already attached to one set of the chains. Open a rose gold jump ring and pass it through those two 7mm jump rings and reclose. Do the same with another rose gold jump.
  5. Attach two 7mm jump rings to the unused cosmic ring, but before closing them, slip them through the two rose gold jump rings just added to the other cosmic ring.
  6. Join this cosmic ring to the one on the other set of chains in the same manner. You should now have all three cosmic rings connected with double jump rings as in the picture.
  7. Add two more 7mm jump rings to the bottom of the central cosmic ring.
  8. Make dangles with the xilions and pearls by threading one xilion or pearl onto a headpin, use the flat nosed pliers to bend the pin over by 90 degrees close to the last bead and trim to about 7mm using the side cutters. Grip the tip of the pin with round nosed pliers and roll a loop, ensuring it is fully closed.
  9. Open a 5mm jump and slip through the loops of three different coloured dangles (we put the pearl in the centre of each group) and then through one of the pairs of rose gold jump rings between the cosmic rings. Repeat to add another group of dangles on the other rose gold pair of jumps. Add three more dangles to the remaining rose gold jump and hang it from the two 7mm jumps the hang from the bottom of the central cosmic ring.
  10. Make one more dangle using the 3mm pearl and the antique silver headpin, but before fully closing the loop, hang this off the free end of the short extension chain.