Don’t worry if at this late stage you haven’t got any jewellery for Christmas Day – just pick up a pacl of ingredients and pop them together – it takes only minutes! and you have a super duper festive necklace that will see you through the day’s jollities.

All you need is:

1m organza ribbon
1 jump ring 9 mm: silver plated
1 Large Filigree Curved tube
1 Jewel Inlaid SilveryTree Pendant

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How to Make the Super Quick Christmas Day Necklace:

  1. Slightly open the jump ring and hook it through the centre of the outer part of the curve on the tube and through the pendant loop. Reclose the jump ring.
  2. Thread the organza ribbon through the curved tube, using a thin knoittin needle or similar to work it through until you can pick the end and pull it through.
  3. Tie the ribbon in at your desired necklace length!