This deep red heart necklace has a vintage feel and puts romance at centre stage. A clever combination of chain and threading adds interesting detail without using complicated techniques and the super twinkle of the Swarovski Crystals & heart.

Approximate finished length: 43cm


You will need:-
55 cm medium curb chain: gun metal
1 x bolt ring: gun metal
2 x split rings: gun metal
57 x rounds: 2mm: gun metal
1 x quatrefoil pendant mount: gun metal
25 cm Beadalon 7 strand: 0.3mm: bright
20 x xilions: 2.5mm: siam
1 x heart pendant: 18mm: siam

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Tools required: – chain nosed pliers

How to Make the Unchain my Heart Necklace:-

  1. Gently fold the pendant mount at the point where the loop is and fit it onto the heart, squeezing it to fit with your fingers. The pin should fit through the hole on the other square part of the mount, then bend it upwards towards the top of the mount and flatten it so it lies flush with the mount.
  1. Cut ten lots of 8 link lengths of chain and then cut the remaining long length into two equal pieces. Thread one end of the Beadalon wire through the loop on the pendant mount, allowing the pendant to find the centre of the wire. Holding both ends of wire together, thread them through a round. Separate the wires and thread a round onto each one.
  1. Pass the wire through the last link on one of the 8 link lengths of chain then through a xilion, 3 rounds and another xilion, then pass it through the last link on the other end of the chain length. Add another three rounds.
  1. Repeat step 3 four more times, but omit the last three rounds.
  1. Add a crimp bead; pass the wire through the last link on one of the long chain lengths then back through the crimp bead and the previous couple of beads, pull taut but not rigid and ensuring the spare wire is taken up, squash the crimp bead with the chain nosed pliers and trim the end.
  1. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 to make the other side of the necklace.
  1. Check the length of the necklace, trimming if desired and then wind a split ring onto the last links of both lengths of chain, and wind the bolt ring onto one of the split rings.