Threading and linking techniques are used in this mixed materials long line necklace featuring mixed materials.  It’s a great demonstration of how individual beads can take on a new appearance when used with other items.

All the ingredients available in one pack HERE or

You will need to gather:-

3 x Kimono Silk Beads
4 x Woven Bead: golden brown
6 x Fire polished bead 10 mm: jonquil
36 x patikan wood flat rounds
8 x golden spacer: blobby lantern
6 x bead cap: ornate dome
13 x eye pin 2 antique gold
69 x filigree rounds 4mm: antique gold
2 x wire guardians: antique gold
2 x crimp beads: antique gold
65 cm Beadalon wire 7 strand: bronze

Tools you will need:- chain nosed and side cutter pliers

How to make the Dream Weaver Necklace

  1. Onto an eye pin thread a wood disc, a fire-polished bead and another wood disc. Use chain nosed pliers to bend the pin over by 90 degrees and the side cutters to trim the pin to around 10 mm. Grip the tip of the pin with round nosed pliers and roll a loop, making sure the end fully meets the stem to form a closed loop.
  1. Make five more links like this, three using the Kimono beads faced with two bead caps and four links of the woven bead with a blobby lantern either side of it.
  1. Use the chain oe flat nosed pliers to twist open one of the loops on a woven bead/blobby lantern link and hook it through one of the loops on a wood/fire polished link, then twist it back again to re-close the loop. Do the same to add a Kimono bead link next to the wood fire polished link. Build the necklace like this until the links are used up.
  1. Thread a crimp bead a short way onto one end of the wire then pass this short end around a wire guardian, hook the wire with guardian through the free loop on one end of the linked length, then back through the crimp bead.
  1. Push the crimp up close to the wire guardian, pinching its legs together as you do so, and pull the wire so that it sits snugly around the wire guardian, the use the chain nosed pliers to squash the crimp in place.
  1. Thread 23 repeats of wood disc and three filigree rounds, then add a final wood disc.
  1. Add a crimp bead then pass the wire around a wire guardian, hook the wire and guardian into the free loop at the other end of the linked length and back through the crimp bead and the last wood bead threaded.
  1. Pull the wire to remove any slack and to make sure the beads sit right next to the wire guardian and pinch the legs of the guardian to sit close together. Make sure the necklace drapes rather than is totally rigid.
  1. Squash the crimp bead with chain nosed pliers and trim the excess wire with the side cutter pliers.