Learn how to make a neat wrapped loop for the charm on this this bracelet, the last in our Love’s Blush series. which continues to ride the wave of rose gold!
Swarovski’s Blush Rose Love bead used as a charm & Xilions alternated with beautiful rose gold beads to create a contemporary look.

To make the bracelet, which is approximately 18cm (71/2″), to complete your set, you will need:-

1 x circular toggle: rose gold
1 x jump ring 5mm: rose gold
1 x headpin 2″: rose gold
11 x round 6mm: rose gold
24 x round 2.5mm: rose gold
2 x crimp beads: rose gold
30cm Beadalon wire 7 strand: Champagne or Silver Rose
1 x Love Bead 12mm: blush rose
10 x Xilion 6mm: blush rose

If you need to make it longer, just add on more repeats of the pattern, or simply a few more rounds (equal numbers) at each end.

How to Make the Love’s Blush Bracelet:-

  1. Thread a crimp bead a short way onto one end of the Beadalon wire, then add the toggle bar and pass the short end of wire back through the crimp bead. Push the bead up close to the clasp, but leave enough room for the bar to wiggle. Squash the crimp bead and trim the sort end of wire to about 5mm.
  1. Thread onto the wire a small round, a large round, a small round and a 6mm xilion. Repeat this 10 times more, but omit the last xilion.
  1. Add a crimp bead and the circular toggle then pass the wire back through the crimp bead and the last bead threaded.
  1. Pull the wire to remove any slack and bring the jump ring very close to the last bead. Take care not to pull so much as to make the bracelet taut, as it does need some flexibility. Squash the crimp bead as before and trim the excess wire with the side cutters.
  2. Thread a small round, a 12mm heart and another small round onto a headpin and make a wrapped loop:
  • Grip the pin 2-3mm away from the last small round with round nosed pliers using your right hand*. Bend the pin away from you by 90 degrees.Release the grip and rotate the pliers away from you by 90 degrees, but do not move the headpin.Push the headpin towards you around the top jaw of the pliers to form a loop.Re-grip the loop in your left hand with the round nosed pliers and grip the end of the wire with your right hand using chain nosed pliers.Whizz the wire which is gripped with the chain nosed pliers around the post between the loop and the bead a few times to make the wrap.Maintain tension in the wire to ensure a tight wrap. Trim the wire using side cutter pliers and
    tuck in any sharp ends using chain nosed pliers.

    *substitute other hand throughout the instructions if you are left handed.

  1. Open a jump ring and hook it through the loop on the heart dangle and hang it from the bracelet at the point of the crimp bead holding the circular toggle in place.
     Now you’ve finished it!
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