Hearts are always a popular feature in jewellery and combined with rose gold they really hit the spot at this time of year!This is the first of three blogs we’re doing showing how to make a complete set of jewellery ready for next month’s love fest, kicking off with Love’s Blush Earrings.

Swarovski’s subtle Blush Rose Love beads & Xilions work beautifully with the rose gold findings and beads to create a contemporary look.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 pr fishhook ear wires: rose gold
2 x headpin 2″: rose gold
4 x round 2.5mm: rose gold
2 x Love Bead 12mm: blush rose
2 x Love Bead 8mm: blush rose
2 x Xilion 6mm: blush rose
2 x Xilion 4mm: blush rose

And these tools: Round nosed, chain nose and side cutter pliers

How to make Love’s Blush Earrings:

  1. Thread onto a headpin a small round, a 12mm heart, an 8mm heart, a 6mm xilion, a 4mm xilion and a small round. Using the chain nosed pliers, bend the pin over by 90 degrees close to the last bead and trim to around 8mm. Grip the tip of the pin with round nosed pliers and roll a loop, but before full closing it, hook it through the loop on an ear wire.
  1. Repeat to form the second earring.

Simple! Fancy making a pair? Click on the picture to buy what you need.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the next couple of installments when we show you How to Make the Love’s Blush Necklace and the Love’s Blush Bracelet!