Hot on the heels of our Love’s Blush Earrings comes the second “How To Make” in the set, the Love’s Blush Necklace.

Capturing the warmth and style of the Blush Rose heart bead from Swarovski®, and keeping it right on trend with Rose Gold spacers and findings, this necklace is a treat to wear either on it’s own or with the matching earrings from last week’s blog, and bracelet in our next installment.

Our necklace is approximately 42 cm /16 1/2″ long so adjust the number of beads both sides by the same amount to make it shorter or longer.

To make it you will need these:
42 x round 4mm: rose gold
102 x round 2.5mm: rose gold
1 x trigger clasp 13mm: rose gold
1 x jump ring 5mm: rose gold
2 x crimp beads: rose gold
3 x headpin 2″: rose gold
50cm Beadalon 7 strand: champagne
1 x Love Bead 12mm: blush rose
7 x Love Bead 8mm: blush rose
3 x Xilion 6mm: blush rose
7 x XZilion 4mm: blush rose

and these tools: round nosed, chain/flat nose and side cutter pliers

How to Make Love’s Blush Necklace:

  1. Onto a headpin thread a small round, a 12mm heart, an 8mm heart, a 6mm xilion, a 4mm xilion and another small round. Using the chain nosed pliers, bend the pin over by 90 degrees close to the last bead and trim to around 8mm. Grip the tip of the pin with round nosed pliers and roll a loop, making sure it is fully closed.

  1. Make two more dangles in the same way, but omitting the 12mm hearts.
  1. Thread a crimp bead a short way onto one end of the Beadalon wire, then add the clasp and pass the short end of wire back through the crimp bead. Push the bead up close to the clasp, but leave enough room for it to wiggle. Squash the crimp bead and trim the sort end of wire to about 5mm.

  1. Thread onto the wire 21 repeats of 2 small rounds and one large round, then add another small round. Make sure the short end of wire is hidden inside the first bead or two threaded. You may find it hard to thread the Beadalon through the small bead. Try re-cutting the end at an angle with sharp pliers.
  1. Add a 4mm Xilion, a small round, an 8mm heart (‘dipped’ top end first), and a small round, then thread on one of the smaller dangles you have already made.
  2. Add a small round, an 8mm heart (pointed bottom end first), a small round, a 4mm xilion, a small round, then the large dangle.
  1. Add a small round, a 4mm xilion, a small round, an 8mm heart (‘dipped’ top end first), a small round and the last of the dangles.
  1. Add a small round, an 8mm heart (pointed bottom end first), a small round, a 4mm xilion and a small round.
  1. Add 21 repeats of one large round and two small rounds. Add a crimp bead and the jump ring, and thread the wire back through the crimp bead and the last couple of beads threaded.
  1. Pull the wire to remove any slack and bring the jump ring very close to the last bead. Take care not to pull so much as to make the necklace taut, as it does need some flexibility. Squash the crimp bead as before and trim the excess wire with the side cutters.

    And there you have it, a perfectly formed Love’s Blush Necklace! Fancy having a go? Click on the picture to buy all the ingredients to make it!