Square knots are easy to learn and look fab made up into a bracelet or necklace.

Here’s a quick pictoral resume of how to start a Halloween themed bracelet using these ingredients:
Acrylic Donut: Hematine Lustre
Acrylic Mini Spike Pendants: Gun Metal
3 m Nylon Kotting Cord

You can bead as many “spiders” as you like, but we just went for one central one.

Once you have knotted about 2/3 – 3/4   the distance round your wrist, tie off, glue and trim both ends leaving the central threads only. Lie the cords together, pointing in opposite directions and square knot aroundthem both to form the fastening channel for them to slide through to tighten and slacken. Tie, glue and trim  the channel section off as before, leaving the two cords remaining. Tie and glue a spike onto each of the cord ends.

To bling up the spider, why not substute the donuts for a Pavé bead?