Do you ever look at a component and think “what on earth could I use that for?”

Well here we show you a quick way to use our Bail Bars which a re really connectors by any other name, to make a funk pair of earrings with Swarovski Crystal Round beads.

You will need to gather these items, OR buy the earring making kit from JillyBeads by clicking on the button:

2 x bail bars (we used “Cut Out” style but “Solid” would work too)
2 x eyepins gun metal
2 x head pins gun metal
1 pr fish hook ear wires gun metal
2 x jump rings 7 mm gun metal
2 x jump rings 5 mm gun metal
Approx. 6 cm medium curb chain gun metal
2 x rounds 8mm Cyclamen Opal
2 x rounds 6mm White Opal
2 x rounds 6mm Purple Velvet
2 x rounds 4mm: Tanzanite

You will need these tools: side cutter, round nosed and chain or flat nosed pliers.

Here’s how to Make the Earrings:

  1. Onto an eye pin slip a 6mm purple velvet, 6mm white opal and an 8mm cyclamen opal bead.

    Using chain or flat nosed pliers, bend the top of the pin away from you by 90 degrees and trim it to around 7mm. Grip the tip of the pin with round nosed pliers and roll a loop.
  2. Slip a 4mm tanzanite bead onto a headpin and roll a loop as in Step 1, but before fully closing it, slip it through the loop next to the 6mm purple velvet you put on the eye pin.
  3. Cut the chain into two 9 link pieces and discard the rest.

    Open a 5mm jump ring and slip it through both end links on one of the chain pieces and the loop of an ear wire, then reclose the jump.
  4. Lay the centre of a bail bar over a mandrel or thinnish tube and apply some pressure to start a bend off. Pinch both ends of the bar towards each other to form a “U” shape, gently adapting the pressure to make sure the holes line up to one another.
  5. Open a 7mm jump ring and slip it through both the holes on the bail bar and the loop on the eye pin next to the 8mm cyclamen opal bead, and then reclose the jump.
  6. Make the second earring in the same way.