A lot of beaded jewellery can be easily made using tigertail wire such as Beadalon and CRIMP BEADS.

Threaded onto the wire, crimp beads are squashed to grip it, holding the clasp or spaced our beads in place as a knot would do on thread.

Using flat or chain nosed pliers will work well to squash the crimp beads, merely flattening it and giving it flat square appearance, which in some instances is perfectly fine.

However, sometimes you need to minimise the size of the squashed crimp bead, either for appearance sake so as not to detract from the desired look of the piece you’re making, or in order to enable a crimp cover around the crimp bead (as in the bracelet shown at the top of this page), disguising it as a small round spacer bead. For this task you need CRIMPING PLIERS.

Jillybeads Crimping Pliers are perfect for our regular crimp beads and the 2mm crimp tubes, helping you to create a beautiful neat finish when making jewellery.

Crimping pliers are used in a two stage process. Look carefully at the plier nose and you’ll see two oval shaped holes form when you close them together.

The hole nearest the handle has a notch protruding from one half of the oval and the one nearest the nose tip has not.

Use the first, notched hole to squash the crimp bead first, checking that it has gripped the wire and does not slide along the wire.

Turn the squashed bead by 90 degrees and use the hole nearest the tip to squash the crimp again, casing it to fold in on itself to form a much smaller, neater profile. You sometimes may need to adjust the bead position and repeat the second squash if necessary.


So now you know how, happy crimping!