Neons – Phenomenon or Nightmare?

I’m loving the latest neon trend, but are you?
If not, or you’re undecided, maybe think again…
Look all around – in the shops, magazines, media, catwalk – and you may be surprised by a flash of luminous yellow here and a shot of dayglo pink there. It seems that neons are infiltrating our thoughts everywhere without us even realising it!

Teenagers may be able to get away with top to toe neon (just!) but the majority of us need a more subtle approach when adopting this inspiring trend. Here, less is most definitely more.

So, this year I’m thinking of re-vamping my party jewellery and brightening up my little black dress with an injection of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS neon pearls teamed with twinkly Jet crystals.

Or, imagine a winter Alpine scene, with crisp snow and aqua skies. SWAROSKI ELEMENTS neon yellow or pink teamed with their stunning new shade, Light Turquoise, or indeed that perennial favourite, Crystal Vitrail Medium are a perfect combination with winter whites on the piste!

Another clever way of using neons is to recreate a 60’s feel inspired by the likes of fashion icon Mary Quant and Pop Art champion Andy Warhol. Think white knee high boots, mini dresses and essential flashes of neon. Or branch out into interiors and embellish lampshades, curtains and cushions!

To be honest, I can’t think of a better way to brighten up the impending gloom of a long cold winter, so, neon beads (and highlighter pens!) at the ready…
But what do you think?