I love my peyote spiral rope necklace so much that I absolutely had to make some earrings using the same beads!

Peyote spiral rope necklace

I decided to use a different stitch – brick stitch – to make these attractive triangle earrings. This stitch looks very similar to peyote but the technique is quite different and involves passing the needle and thread under and over the threads from the previous row.
I have used ToHo 11/0 metallic frosted antique silver and metallic amethyst gunmetal . You will also need some beading thread such as Fireline and a size 10 beading needle.


Once the pattern is established it really is quite easy! My advice is to keep the work flat on your mat and don’t pick it up to pass the needle through. This way there is no danger of it being turned back to front and upside down! The pattern will then be logical. Here are some step by step photos – follow from top left clockwise.

Establishing the first brick stitch row


The next series of photos show how to progress along the row and turn for the second row. At this stage we start to pass the needle under the threads from the previous row. Again, follow from top left clockwise.

The second row of brick stitch


You will notice that this version of brick stitch is causing each row to decrease and produce the triangular shape. I chose to work 6 rows in antique silver and then change colour to amethyst gunmetal, so picking out the spiral stripe in my necklace. The choice is entirely yours and any number of patterns can be created. Try stripes, spots, zig zags etc, feel free to get creative. And please do show us your jazzy patterns!
The next series of photos show changing the colour, the last row consisting of one bead and then weaving back up through the work to exit through the sixth bead in the first row to form the hanging loop.

Finishing the triangle and preparing for the loop.

Making the loop is really simple as you can see from the next series of photos. To make it strong it is important to work the thread though the loop several times, then make a half hitch knot around the weave thread, carry on through another couple of beads , then cut the thread close to the beads. Finish off the starting tail thread in the same way by passing through a few beads, tie a half hitch, carry on through a couple more beads and cut the thread.

Making the loop and finishing off the threads.

I hope you enjoy making these earrings as much as I have and do share photos of your designs on our Facebook page!

Earrings and necklace set