If you’ve been following my recent makes you’ll know my current obsession is working with shades of metallic seed beads and bugles. I love intricate work and the repetitive nature of patterns.
So, here is another make using our metallic glints bugle mix, and ToHo 11/0 in silver lined grey and silver lined gold. It’s all worked on Fireline thread using a no. 10 needle and fastened into 4mm knot covers (calottes) which are hooked onto a gold necklet tag and trigger clasp.

This dainty necklace is so pretty and so wearable! The classy metallic shades suit all tastes too. So, here’s the…




How to make the daisy.

Cut at least 60cm thread and add a stop bead 10cm from the end or clamp it into our favourite little gadget, a bead stopper 

Use the photo as a guide, thread the needle and then thread a bugle (I have alternated the colours – smoke, gunmetal and copper) then thread eight grey ToHos. Thread the needle back through the first ToHo threaded to make a circle of ToHos. Slip on a gold ToHo the pass the needle from right to left through the fifth grey ToHo. Pull tight and there you have it, a daisy! Work a total of 33 daises and add another bugle. Attach another bead stopper or stop bead. 
Cut a slightly longer thread and make a 35 daisy chain ending with a bugle. Make another, this time with 37 daisies ending with a bugle.

Attaching the calottes

Bunch the three strands together and remove the bead stoppers. Pass all three tails through the hole in the hinge of a calotte, from outside into the cup. Slip a ToHo onto one of the threads and tie all the threads together around the seed bead using a couple of reef knots. Apply a dot of glue and leave to dry.

Attaching the end fasteners

To finish off the necklace, snip off the excess threads and squeeze the calotte closed using chain nosed pliers. Hook the small hole on the necklet tag onto the hook on the calotte then roll the hook closed using chain nosed pliers. Complete the other side of the necklace, this time hooking on the loop of the trigger clasp.

I love this necklace, it is so versatile and looks great in all sorts of colours. Try a multi coloured one for summer – it’s a great stash buster!