Christmas Kit Golden Stars Bauble Cover. Transform your plain but nice baubles into a sensational heirloom with this easy to make kit. It will slip over the top of most ordinary baubles so no need to worry about finding an exact circumference.
It really is easy to make as long as you concentrate and count accurately.
The kit comes complete with a collapsible beading needle which is perfect for the job. However if you prefer to use a traditional needle with a beading eye you may find this easier.
Decoration Kit Contains-
6 x daggers long crystal AB
12 x daggers short crystal AB
pack ToHo seed beads 11/0 crystal silver lined
2m Nymo beading thread white
1 x collapsible beading needle medium
Tools required – Sharp scissors, beading glue or clear nail polish (optional) Here at Jillybeads we understand that some beaders can be a bit reluctant to buy online so if that’s you, give us a call as we are always more than willing to take your order over the phone, or even add an addition onto your existing order. We like to make your shopping experience as simple and easy as possible!