We have just launched a Special Edition Swarovski Xilion Bicone Mix in Rainbow colour  – exactly catching the mood of the nation in these unusual times. Why not add a touch of sparkle and sophistication to the rainbow window displays that we are all getting involved in, by making a window lightcatcher using our Special Edition Mixes of Swarovski Xilion Bicones?

This is so easy to make, no special tools needed, just scissors to trim the thread!

All you need is something to thread the beads onto (approximately 60 – 70 cm)- we used Illusion Cord (a clear monofilament), plus a selection of rainbow coloured crystals – one pack of our 4mm and 1 pack of our 6mm Swarovski Xilion Bicone Mix Rainbow would be ideal – and an 18mm Swarovski Xilion Heart pendant in Crystal AB.

To make this, tie the heart pendant onto one end of the thread with an overhand knot, positioning the knot as close to the heart as possible. Trim the shorter end of thread to about 3cm then thread on the crystals.

We threaded 1 x6mm and 2 x 4mm crystals in rerpeats of the same colours of the rainbow, as in the photo – that would be our old friend Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain -red (light siam and scarlet or siam), orange (fire opal and tangerine), yellow (sunflower and citrine), green (peridot and erinite), blue (majestic blue and light sapphire), indigo (dark indigo and tanzanite), violet (iris and smoky mauve) – there are plenty of options for most of these colours if certain ones are not available, so feel free to substute. Make sure the short end of thread goes through the first few beads to hide it.

Once all the crystals are threaded, fold the end of the thread back on itself and tie the two threads together with another overhand knot to form a hanging loop. We made our pretty large so we could hang in on a widow handle, but you may want to hang it from a silicone sucker like the ones used to hang Christmas decorations.

So there you are – a simple and symbolic joyful spark of hope for window!