It’s that time of year again! Spring is springing and St Patrick’s Day is nearly here. We’ve designed for you this lovely Swarovski Shamrock charm to hang from a chain or just put in your pocket!

It’s very easy to make! All you need is:

some fine jewellery wire, we used 28g,
10 Swarovski 3mm Fern Green Xilions
3 Swarovski 8mm Crystal Paradise Shine Love Beads
and a silver plated necklet tag

The necklet tag is good to use as there are no joins and so the fine wire cannot slip though and the charm become lost.


Now , how to make it –

  1. Take a length of wire, about 30cm will be fine. Thread 7 Xilions and leave a tail of about 4cmm (bend it away at an angle to stop the beads falling off).
  2. Next thread a heart, pointed bottom end first, and Xilion. Thread the wire back down through the heart, pulling through all the excess wire. Take care not to get any kinks in it.
  3. Thread another heart and Xilion and then pass the wire through the small hole in the necklet tag. Next pass the wire back through the Xilion and then the heart, again pulling through all the excess wire.
  4. Thread the last heart and Xilion and pass the wire back through the heart and the beads in the stem of the shamrock.
  5. Snip away the excess with sidecutter pliers. Unbend the tail and skipping the first bead pass it back up the work to secure then snip off the excess.

Easy and effective! We hope you like this quick seasonal make and do check back soon for more design ideas and chat!