Hello again, GillBill here again to tell you about my new obsession – the gorgeous colour combination of Scarlet Crystals and Brown Velvet Pearls from Swarovski®, and I’m going to show you how I’ve used them to make this special necklace. This pairing is truly luxurious and utterly delicious!

The gorgeous necklace featuring daisy chains and graduated pearls!

We have all the sizes of pearls, 3mm through to 12mm which has enabled to me make beautifully graduated sides to my necklace. The central feature has graduated crystal and pearl daisy chains enhanced by subtle silver spacer beads.

You will need the new Brown Velvet pearls – 72 x 3mm, 6 x 4mm, 6 x5mm, 8 x 6mm, 2 x 8mm, 6 x 10mm and 1 x 12mm. Also a mixture of Scarlet and scarlet AB Xilions – 61 x 4mm.  and in antique silver 14 x tiny daisy spacers, 2 calottes, 2 split rings and a trigger catch. A 1m length of Nymo thread and a beading needle plus 2 x 11/0 seed beads finishes off your list of supplies.

So, let me tell you how to make it!

I have constructed this piece in a very traditional way, using Nymo beading thread and a collapsible beading needle with the ends tied off into calottes (knot covers) which are fastened with a trigger catch.

You will need about 1m of Nymo, I used black. Slip the end through the hole in the hinge of a calotte a short way then slip on an 11/0 seed bead, any colour will do as it will be hidden inside the calotte. Tie a double knot around the bead, apply a dot of glue or nail varnish and then cut away the tail and and squeeze the calotte cups closed using chain nosed pliers. Hook a split ring onto the open loop then close the loop with the chain nosed pliers.

Now for the fun threading!

Thread on the beading needle and then thread 36 x 3mm, 3 x 4mm, 3 x 5mm and 3 x 6mm pearls. next thread a spacer, *a 4mm Xilion, a spacer, a 10mm pearl, a spacer and a 4mm Xilion**.
Next thread 8 Xilions then pass the needle back through the first of these 8 Xilions so joining them into a circle. Thread a 6mm pearl and pass the needle in the opposite direction through the 4th Xilion after the one threaded through to make the circle.

How to make the first daisy

Repeat from * to **. Continue working like this, next making a daisy using an 8mm pearl and 10 Xilion (pass back through the 5th Xilion). The middle daisy is made with a 12mm pearl and 13 Xilions (pass back through the 7th Xilion).

Complete the other half of the necklace to match the first side. Use the photo as a guide and keep checking your pattern is correct, (to avoid discovering frustrating mistakes later!)

When you get to the other end pass the end through the calotte and slip on another seed bead. Allow it to fall into the cups of the calotte and pull through all the excess thread, you don’t want any thread showing at all. To tie the knot tightly insert a pin into the knot as you are pulling it through. This will help to pull through all the excess. This can be quite tricky but do persevere as you will be disappointed if you have a gap with thread showing on the finished necklace.

Attach the split ring as before and then wind a trigger catch onto the slit ring to complete the necklace.

This super necklace can also be adapted into a matching bracelet – for this I think I would make all the daisies the same size, but its all personal preference!

Do show us if you make any adaptions, we love seeing your ideas.

These colours are just one of the sumptuous new innovations . Look out for my next blog where I’ll be using the glamorous new SHIMMER shades!

Bye for now Jillybeaders!