What’s not to love about this project? It grows quickly but looks complicated and is really easy!

You will need…

bugles – we used Metallic Glints mix

ToHos 11/0 in silver lined gold and grey

Toggle silver plated round 

Nymo black beading thread

beading needle size 10 or a flexible Beading Needle Medium

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Ok, this is how I made the Ziggy Bracelet. First thread the needle with 2m Nymo thread. Let the needle fall to the centre as we’ll be working with a double thread. If desired attach a stop bead 15cm from the end. Thread on one gold, one bugle, one gold, one bugle, one gold and three grey (pic 1)

Pic 1

Pass the needle back through the first gold, first bugle and first gold to form a triangle, leaving a 15cm tail (Pic 2)

Pic 2

Thread three grey, one gold and one bugle then pass the needle through the 3rd gold threaded  (Pic 3)

Pic 3

Thread three grey, one gold and one bugle the pass the needle through the 4th gold threaded, notice the direction of the needle in the photo (Pic 4)

Pic 4

Thread three grey, one gold and one bugle and pass the needle through the 5th gold threaded (Pic 5)

Pic 5

Carry on working like this, threading three grey, one bugle and one gold and zig-zagging across the work threading through the last gold next to the previous bugle until you have the required length. Remember this will be shorter than the overall length you require as the toggle and joining beads add quite a lot of length, approximately 25mm. Keep checking the length on your wrist. To add the toggle end thread three grey, the loop on one of the toggle ends and three grey. (Pic 6)

Pic 6

Loop back through the nearest gold, the bugle, the gold and then back through the greys and toggle. Do this several times to increase the strength, work down a little way back along the bracelet tie a double half hitch knot around the thread between the beads. Work through a few more beads then cut the thread close to the beads. . Repeat at the other end using the 15cm tail and the remaining toggle part.

Notice how I have alternated the shades of the bugles. You could use all one colour, or a random mix. How about using rainbow shades if you have any in your stash?
This pattern also works really well using all seed beads, simply replace the bugles with two extra seed beads, or even replace them with a sparkly 3 or 4mm Czech firepolished bead

This pattern also makes a lovely choker style necklace!

I hope I have inspired you to get creative and get beading!