With Bake Off just having finished I got to worrying what we’d do without the weekly treat of Pru’s necklaces  (and one or two of the contestant’s too this time!).  I’ve come up with a good substitute, using our colourful new “Peru” beading cord and what’s more, it’s a synch to make!

Not many ingredients needed- just:
Peru Beading Cord to the length you want
a large silver tone magnectic tube clasp
and I did two vesions:
large holed beads: Metal Bead : Tibetan Blobby Rings (I used 11)
OR Wood Mix : Hoop-La (I used 1 pack of 15)

You’ll also need some glue, such as Devcon 5 Minute epoxy resin glue

To make a necklace, cut the cord to the length you want.

Thread on several beads – I used 11 Blobby Rings or 15 of the Hoop-La Mix. You could mix them in a third alternative!

Let the beads fall to the centre of the cord then mix some epoxy resin glue. doing one end at a time, carefully pop some of the mixed glue into one half of the magnetic clasp then dab the cord into some more glue before inserting it into the clasp. Wipe away any excess immediately. Do the same with the other end, but be careful to leep the two magnetic halves apart until the glue has completely set.

Easy peasy!